12 July 2009


Secret Files 2 : Puritas Cordis DS Walkthrough is a comprehensive step by step fully illustrated guide that gently helps you through the game with steps showing the puzzles, hints and solutions

Using the Walkthrough

Steps starting with the word Notice point out items or changes in inventory that you should be aware of, but where looking at the item wouldn't provide you with anything useful or interesting

Steps starting with the words Look or Try are optional steps that show the puzzles, useful information to help solve the puzzles and the reasons why other steps are performed

Steps starting with the words Just for fun are optional steps related to unimportant items or actions, but are either interesting or entertaining and give you a more complete experience

The more complex puzzles are generally solved a bit at a time to nudge you in the right direction rather than merely showing the shortest solution (which otherwise wouldn't always make sense)

If you're trying to do something that you think should work but doesn't, the must have comments tell you which steps must have already been completed for the step to work

If you're playing the PC version, then there's a small number of differences, particularly in the first Jungle section

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
Secret Files 2 : Puritas Cordis Walkthrough